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Drake Has More No. 1's Than Any Other Rapper

Drake Has More No. 1's Than Any Other Rapper

Drake now can officially say he has more number ones than any rapper. Ever. The news comes as his viral smash hit 'In My Feelings' replaced 'Nice for What' as number one on the Hot 100 Chart, cementing Drizzy's position as one of the most successful rappers in the world. 

This is also the second time in the year that Drake replaced his own number one, with 'Nice for What' taking the place of 'God's Plan' in April. 

'Scorpion' has had incredible success both in the rap and mainstream worlds, and his attempt to please both seems to have paid off. Check out Will Smith absolutely owning the #InMyFeelings challenge! 

Keep up with the Culture Kings Blog for the latest in Music, Sport and Streetwear. It's mainly about Drake tho, tbh. 

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