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Perfect Your Layered Look With Carré

Perfect Your Layered Look With Carré

Carré have made layering so much easier this season with their Deux Layered Tee.

Deux, in french, means two and this tee is essentially that; two tees in one. It appears to be made up of two layers, a short-sleeve tee and a long-sleeve tee, but it's actually just the one tee with a faux dual-layered hem and dual-layered sleeves.

Carré Deux Layered Tee

Made from 100% cotton, the Carré Deux Layered Tee also features panelled construction. This tee is a relaxed fit and is available in stone, black, peach and navy. You'll also find Carré embroidery on the chest and a sewn Carré brand tag at the hem.

This tee makes it so easy to achieve a layered look throughout winter and also means you can add extra layers of outerwear to really step up your game.

Add the Carré Deux Layered Tee to your wardrobe today and cop online at Culture Kings.

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