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Draft Day Is Bringing Back The Hockey Vibes

Draft Day Is Bringing Back The Hockey Vibes

With the release of the World Exclusive Draft Day First Pick Capsule on Friday, 2 March, 9am AEST (12pm NZDT) this is not one you want to miss out on. In limited numbers the Draft Day capsule will be a must-cop.

Our favourite is the Draft Day First Pick Jersey which really brings that true hockey felling back to your wardrobe. With its classic style, this jersey will be a staple that will last the test of time. It is also the perfect light-weight winter piece. 

Draft Day also produced three tees to go in this world exclusive capsule which have strong classic hockey design and team logos. The Downtown Dingo's is ready to take out the competition. Once a Downtown Dingo, always a Downtown Dingo.

So get ready to cop the World Exclusive Draft Day First Pick Capsule as soon as it releases Friday, 2 March, 9am AEST (12pm NZDT) online

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