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Drake Breaks Single Day Streaming Record

Drake Breaks Single Day Streaming Record

Never underestimate the power of the internet, fam. Old mate Drake has broken yet another record and it's all thanks to the power of memes. The viral dance challenge of 'In My Feelings' by Drizzy saw the track rocket to number one on the charts and has now broken the all-time U.S. single week streaming record. 

The record was previously held by Bauuer's 'Harlem Shake' in 2013, which was coincidentally also a meme. It logged 103.1million streams, passed by Drake with 116.2 million U.S. streams. 

This week also marks Drake's 41st week at No. 1 in the span of 8 years, tying him with Rihanna for most Hot 100 chart-topping hits in this decade.

The song doesn't even have a music video. Y'all are wild. 



Keep up with the Culture Kings Blog for all the latest in Drake, Drake and Drake. Seriously, it's just about him these days. We aren't even mad. 

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