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Drake Is Holding Down His Number One Position

Drake Is Holding Down His Number One Position

It should come as no surprise that'd Drake's latest album 'Scorpion' is projected to hold the number one spot on the Billboard 200 charts for another week. The project is Drake's 8th consecutive number one on the charts and he has beaten the longstanding record that The Beatles previously held for the most simultaneous singles on the Top 10 Singles chart. 

The Beatles record was five singles in 1964 which Drake has beaten with a cool 7 tracks in the top ten. He also broke his own record for the most singles charting within the Hot 100 with 27 tracks in total, including all 25 from 'Scorpion'. 

The two-sided album that includes a rap side and an R&B side confirmed the existence of his son, which had previously just been speculation. 

Reports have come in from Variety that Drake is going to release another project with a new record label, but these are unconfirmed reports at this point. 

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