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Drake Releasing Music In Spanish?!

Drake Releasing Music In Spanish?!

DJ Nelson has just revealed at Red Bull Musical Festival in New York that he heard a Drake x Bad Bunny collab where Drizzy will be singing in Spanish. 

It was reported earlier this year that this collaboration might happen, as Drake and Bad Bunny were in Miami in the studio together and uploading their time together to Instagram which fuelled the rumours that music was coming from the pair. Considering this revelation from DJ Nelson, it seems more likely than ever that a Bad Bunny x Drake track is coming soon and is ready to go. 


We recently recapped everything we know so far about Drake's upcoming album 'Scorpion', due to be released in June, but we have no word yet on this track being part of it. Deciding to make his mark in the Latin music world is a big move for Drake, however it could work for him very well considering the size of his Spanish-fluent fan group. 

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