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Drake Is Rockin Rothco In The 'In My Feelings' Vid

Drake Is Rockin Rothco In The 'In My Feelings' Vid

It turns out that Drake is wearing some killer Rothco in his latest MV for 'In My Feelings', fresh off his recent visit to Culture Kings. 


You would have all heard 'In My Feelings' - if you haven't, idk what you've been doing lately but you need to get it together. Those orange camo pants Drizzy is sporting in the video are Rothco camo pants, available in Culture Kings stores and online. They are versatile, comfortable and bang on trend. Check em out in the vid.

Rotcho Drake

After visiting Drew at Culture Kings, Drizzy knows whats up when it comes to Rothcos. Bright, unique and making a statement, there's nothing quite like Rothco when it comes to the best camo pants you'll ever own. 

 Get your own pair now!

Who wore it better?


Shop our Rothco collection right now to copy Drake's style.

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