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Get Ready For The Korin Backpack To Hit CK Shelves

Get Ready For The Korin Backpack To Hit CK Shelves

The world's number one anti-theft backpack and travel bags are heading to Culture Kings on Wednesday, October 10th. Get ready to welcome the FlexPack Pro backpack and the FlexPack Go bag, set to change the way you travel. 

These bags started out on Kickstarter and have gained a hugely high level of acclaim for their features. 

FlexPack Go

This bag has a completely collapsible structure that folds in a 4:1 ratio, has a triple anti-theft security feature, retractable steel wire lock, easy-charging technology and scientifically engineered storage system. 

Anti-Theft Backpack

This backpack not only has all the same features, but it is also water repellent. 

Culture Kings are the first retailer to have these bags in stock and in stores and there's no guarantee how long they'll last.

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