It's Durant vs Jefferson

It's Durant vs Jefferson

Since he signed to the Golden State Warriors in 2016, Kevin Durant's decision to join the dominant team has been one of the biggest sources of his criticism and every man and their dog has an opinion on the matter. Former NBA Champion, now NBA analyst Richard Jefferson is one such person. 

Halfway through San Antonio's victory over Cleveland, the former Cav decided to use Harrison Barnes split with the 2016 Warriors to throw a sub at KD.


"Where I come from in the park and the street when you lose to someone the first words that come are 'run it back,'" Jefferson said in regards to Barnes and the Warriors' loss to the Cavs in the 2016 finals. "They didn't do that. They were like 'We need to reload. We're going to get our big brother.'"

And then it got even worse. KD heard the jab and replied on his verified account with "Everybody from the streets now." But it wasn't over then, Jefferson replied with a whole paragraph. 


This beef is off the charts. Keep it on lock for more as we get it. 

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