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Kevin Durant Says 'Hell Yeah' to Owning A Seattle NBA Team

Kevin Durant Says 'Hell Yeah' to Owning A Seattle NBA Team

So far, only Michael Jordan has been able to translate his on-court success into possession of an NBA franchise - the Charlotte Hornets, but Kevin Durant told ESPN he'd be keen to own his own NBA team, especially if it was from his hometown Seattle. 

When asked about owning a Seattle NBA team, Durant said: "Hell yeah. Of course, I would. No matter if it's Seattle or any team, just to help young men grow. Or help men in the next phase of their lives as basketball players. Why not? Especially somebody who's gone through it and been through just about everything as an NBA player, outside of getting traded, I've been through pretty much everything. I would love to give back to an organization, the knowledge that I've gained. So hell yeah I'd be interested."

We'd be super keen to see Durant in the owner's chair. 

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