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Lil Xan Officially Out Of Rehab & Sober

Lil Xan Officially Out Of Rehab & Sober

Lil Xan is on Xan no more. Earlier this month, Lil Xan entered rehab to help him with his addiction to prescription drugs. Now, he is out and sober.  



Talking to TMZ when he announced his rehab plans, Lil Xan described what he was hooked on. "Mostly hydrocodone or just, like, norcos is what they call 'em. Right now, opioid. Basically a lot of opioids. I've been way worse in the past. I've actually been 10 times worse than what I've been now. I want to do rehab just so I can get over this last hump or stretch so I can finally be just back to Diego." 

He has said that he plans to drop Lil Xan as a name for his birth name, Diego. 

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