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Loiter NYC's Latest Drop Is Going To Be 🔥

Loiter NYC's Latest Drop Is Going To Be 🔥

Loiter's latest is landing at Culture Kings this Friday at 11am AEST. One of the dopest drops yet is set to hit Culture Kings online, ready to beef up your winter wardrobe with super fresh threads. This drop has a variety of short- and long- sleeve tees, crew-neck sweaters and hoodies for both men and women to rock. 




This drop features items perfect for layering during the upcoming winter. The range includes the Serenity crewneck jumper in grey and black with red embroidery on the sleeves, the Liberty Lost Hood in white and black, the Taken By Force long sleeve in red and black, the Freedom long sleeve in red and black, the Vision tee in white and black and the Ocean Scroll tee in white and black. 

Sign up to the Loiter NYC drop on our releases page to be notified the second it lands on Friday. While you wait, shop the rest of the Loiter NYC collection at Culture Kings! 

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