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Miguel Is Releasing A Spanish Album 🙌

Miguel Is Releasing A Spanish Album 🙌

Singer Miguel composed the song 'Remember Me' for the film 'Coco' last year, and since its success he has announced that he will be producing a complete album in Spanish, inspired by his Mexican roots. 

Miguel confirmed this news on 'The Cruz Show' on Saturday during Power 106’s annual PowerHouse concert; “I want to be able to write an entire song in Spanish, but I’m practicing my Spanish now just so I can get it. Songs in Spanish are so poetic. I think that’s one of my favorite things about Latino music, and the rhyme scheme is completely different. So I’m really nervous to do it, I don’t want it to be bad, but I’m really excited to do it.”

Back in 2017, Miguel said that “writing songs in Spanish is one of the things I started exploring after working on [Coco]. I look forward to working on more music in Spanish. It sounds ambitious, but I’m looking to release an album in Spanish later on this year. If nothing else, at least releasing a single or two in Spanish. Hopefully, you guys stay tuned to that.”

Miguel has already released a Spanish version of his single 'Sky Walker' which had great success.  

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