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Quavo Says He's Got "Too Much Music"

Quavo Says He's Got "Too Much Music"

In a recent interview with Hypebeast, Quavo gave us the details on his new album that's almost upon us. The Migos member talked about a heap of topics, including how he works on solo albums whilst being in Migos. 

When he was asked about his solo music, he said: "We've always had music stocked up, each of us on our own. That's how we always had worked, the previous Migos records. We always go work on them first and then one person would be on the song and then we just make each other do homework. So now it's just like we completing our own songs."

"It was just about me having all these features out and everybody assuming that I was gonna do, like, a solo career. I got too much music. I got to channel it somewhere. So dropping the solo project is a good way to do it." 

When asked about the rumours that Migos are not supporting his career, hs said: "We brothers, we talk about everything. So if I got [to] answer by dropping a solo project and we can do it."

Read Hypebeast's full piece here and check the video out down below.

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