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Saba Tore It Up In BrisVegas

Saba Tore It Up In BrisVegas

Westside Chicago rapper and producer Saba hit up the humble Brisbane venue Woolly Mammoth for his ‘Care For Me’ tour, performing from his critically acclaimed sophomore album also titled ‘Care For Me’. The project is packed with raw emotion that serves as an ode to his late cousin and best friend Walter Long Jr. and the concert delivered just as much as you'd expect from the artist. 

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After the opening act of Blaq Carrie got the crowd warmed up, Saba and his homie Dan kicked off the performance with his hits 'Busy/Sirens', 'Broken Girls' and 'Calligraphy', where at the end of the song he mixed it up and showed off his singing talent. 


Before launching into his song 'Fighter', he described his life growing up in Chicago where he had a rough upbringing. This insight into his early life helped the crowd to understand the origins of this track. 

'Bucket List' and 'Photosynthesis' went absolutely crazy, with over 200 people in the tiny space all getting into the tunes. He also performed his fan-favourite collab with Chance the Rapper 'Angels', 'Most' and 'Westside Bound 3', all while interacting with the crowd in a big way. 


After returning for an encore, Saba ended the epic night with 'Heaven All Around Me' and 'Life'. All in all, Saba put on one hell of a show for a Thursday night and proved he is one to watch in this game. 

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