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Weekend Tunes

Weekend Tunes

Your weekend playlist is practically sacred. What you put on there will set the mood for whatever party you're throwing, so we here at CK take it seriously. What should be on your list this week? Easy. A bit of this, a bit of that and a fucking good time. Let's get into it. 

XTCY - Kanye West

Kanye surprised us this week when he dropped this track, which may have been a throwaway from his recent album 'Ye'. You can find the download link here

Lamb Talk - Quavo

Quavo uses this video to flex with Lambos and if we had that much money, we would too. Add this tune to your list. 

Ganja Burns - Nicki Minaj

Nicki's album 'Queen' is doing pretty well, and this song recently got a video accompaniment that is just so Nicki. Check it out and add this track to your weekend tunes. 

Butterfly Effect - Travis Scott

We're throwing it back here because although 'Astroworld' is number one, old La Flame is dope too.

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