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Weekend Tunes

Weekend Tunes

You know how it is, every week we get down with the latest tunes and tell you what to add to your playlist for your weekend sesh to make it lit. Let's get into it. 

September - Earth, Wind & Fire

It can't be the 21st of September without this absolute tune. Get amongst it and party like you won't remember the 21st night of September. 

Space Jam Theme Remix

This week it was announced that Space Jam 2 is happening and it's starring LeBron James. Let's celebrate with a trap remix of the Space Jam theme because why the fuck not. 

Wiz Khalifa & Lil Skies - Fr Fr

Okay, we're into the serious music now. This week, Wiz Khalifa teamed up with Lil Skies for this tune and it's pretty lit. Get on it and add to your list. 

Kanye West - Runaway

Can you have a good weekend sesh without a bit of Kanye? Maybe, but it sure won't be as wild. Considering Kanye is the name on everyone's lips after his IG rant against Drake, we figured why the hell not throw in a Ye beat. 


This video dropped today and it's suuuuper trippy. Definitely a jam you need this weekend. 


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