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Our Top 10 G-Eazy Songs

Our Top 10 G-Eazy Songs

G-Eazy with his James Dean looks and gruff rapping voice just know how to create a banger. Amusing bars, solid flow and heavy beats accompany G-Eazy and you just know we're all about him on our speakers in CK head office. Are you ready for our top G-Eazy songs? Then scroll down 👇

10. Everything Will Be Okay ft. Kehlani

9. Me, Myself & I ft. Bebe Rhexa

8. Far Alone ft. Jay Ant

7. Lady Killers ft. Hoodie Allen

6. Plastic Dreams ft. Johanna Fay

5. Mad ft. Devon Baldwin

4. Been On

3. No Limit ft. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B

2. I Mean It ft. Remo

1. Say Less ft. Dillon Francis

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