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The Nike Air Force 1 is undoubtedly one of the most popular sneakers on the planet with almost any streetwear fan owning a pair. With most people buying the same pair of white Air Force 1s again and again, we admit there definitely is something satisfying about having a fresh pair. The challenge of keeping the same pair clean and fresh is something all owners seem to endure. So, how can you keep your Air Force 1s clean. We have the answers here. 

But before we tell you our trade secrets there's, one thing we have to say: 

TAKE CARE OF THEM HOMIE! A little bit of TLC once every couple weeks can go a long way. Keep your fit nice and crispy all round! 

What You Need To Clean White Nike Air Force 1

First of all, lets look at the stuff you need to transform those beaters! When it comes to getting the stubborn dirt and grime off your favourite pair of white Nike Air Force 1s, there's a variety of avenues you can take:

  • A soft-bristle brush. Something like the Jason Markk cleaning brush
  • You might want to invest in specialist sneaker cleaning products, like Jason Markk, or our Sneaker Basel Sneaker Wipes 12 Pack. If not, soapy, warm water should do the trick.
  • For particularly bad stains and scuffs, baking soda and white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide might be required.
  • Laundry Detergent (The good stuff), will get your laces spick and span
  • A microfibre towel.


How To Clean Air Force 1s

There are countless of methods over the internet about cleaning your white Air Force 1 sneakers. Which makes sense because they're the most popular sneaker on the market, with Nike selling over 10 millions pairs of these A YEAR! 

Ok, it's best to try hand wash your white Air Force 1's, with some soap to reach those nooks and crannies. In each instance, take out the laces to be washed separately and stuff the ends of the shoes with shoe trees or a pair of socks as mentioned previously.

As well as this, prior to starting any of the following methods, it's useful to have scrubbed off any dried-out mud or dirt using a dry brush.


 Try Soapy Water, Sneaker Cleaner or Laundry Detergent

    1.  Fill up a bowl with warm water, adding detergent or sneaker cleaner. 
    2. Use a small-bristle brush (we suggest the Jason Markk cleaning brush), and scrub away! Lots of dirt collects in the seams between the body and the midsole. Remember to scrub the inside too, especially around the ankle where sweat may have built up.
    3. If you still cant revive them, it's time to bring in the big guns. Grab a microfibre cloth, dipping it in soapy water or sneaker cleaner rubbing until the stains begin to fade.

    Is all help lost? Try Baking Soda And White Vinegar Or Hydrogen Peroxide

    1. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of white vinegar and water.
    2. Stir until the baking soda has fully dissolved in the vinegar and cold water before cleaning
    3. Dip in an old toothbrush, and go HAM on those stains. Warning: This may need to be 2 to 3 times 

    Don't Forget The Shoelaces: How To Clean Your Shoelaces 

    The above methods were mostly focused on the outer-sole of the sneaker, meaning the shoelaces can be slightly neglected during the process. The best way to clean your Air Force 1 sneakers, is to use a mixture of warm, soapy water or a sneaker cleaning solution.

    Alternatively, you can put them in the wash along with your other whites for today. Or if all hell breaks loose, you can them them in bleach. We suggest doing this for 1 hour, before you let them air dry. 

    Once they're fresh, you have to maintain them! At Culture Kings we stock some products that can help. Including the Sneaker Basel Sneaker Wipes 12 Pack or even our Sneaker Ball Freshener 2 Pack (which keep your sneakers from smelling funny). 

    By now your White Air Force's should be looking new again and if not, well you may just need to buy a new pair. We stock plenty of different Air Force's so check them out here!

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