Younger Kids Bottoms - Ages 2-7

It all starts somewhere, and their story starts with you. Set them up with durable, tried and tested streetwear certain to last and impress. Designed solely for toddlers aged 2-7, the Culture Kings' range of Toddler Bottoms are the perfect go-to for the youngsters in the family. At this age, you just know they'll be going through a lot of wear and tear, that's why we stock only best brands with the most reliable construction, ranging from Tommy Jeans to Nike, Adidas, Majestic Athletic, Lil Homme and plenty more. 

Secure them threads in any number of prints, including stripes, flat colours like red, black and white, cargo, camo and everything in between. Getting out of the house will never be a chore again. The bottoms we stock come in tracks, jeans, denim, shorts and several other styles. Once you've picked them out a new top, expand their wardrobe with a few staple tops, sneakers and headwear to make leaving the house a breeze, as well as finalising it with any suitable accessories, including bags, backpacks and more. 

Check out the collections now and keep in mind Afterpay is available, turning one cost into four easy instalments, as well as our styles updated weekly with over 300+ new introductions.

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