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It's Almost Time To Get On Loiter NYC's Summer Injection

It's Almost Time To Get On Loiter NYC's Summer Injection

One of our favourite streetwear brands Loiter NYC is returning to Culture Kings in a big way with the first instalment of their Summer Injection. With a huge range of tees, hoodies, denim jackets, shorts, jeans and belts, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to updating your wardrobe with some of New York's latest style. Are you ready for this heat? Cop it at 11am NZST, 17th October!
Check out what you can cop!
  • Palm Trees Tee Black
  • Palm Trees Tee White
  • Sketch SS Tee Red
  • Sketch SS Tee White
  • American Post Hoodie Black
  • American Post Hoodie White
  • Coastal Peak Hoodie Black
  • Coastal Peak Hoodie Tan
  • All Seeing Denim Jacket Blue
  • Tactic Shorts Black
  • Static Noise Jean Blue
  • Industrial Belt Black
  • Industrial Belt White
  • Industrial Belt Red
  • Industrial Belt Checkerboard

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