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Yung96s Are Coming 🔥

Yung96s Are Coming 🔥

adidas fanatics, your time is September 11th at 11am NZST. The Yung96 - a dad shoe with a twist - is heading to CK. Are you ready to feel the heat of the "triple white" and "orca" colourways? You'd better be. 

The Adidas Yung 96 pays homage to past-times with a 90's inspired silhouette taking on a strong, confident demeanour. Contrived with a durable mesh and nubuck upper, lace closure, stabilising Torsion technology and lightweight EVA midsole, the Yung 96's tick all the boxes this season. These are in limited numbers so make sure you're copping right now to ensure you get your hands on these dope kicks!

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