Men's Fedora

Signature headwear in itself, the Fedora is an unbeatable move in original style, for the party and the streets, there's a distinct style for every occasion. The Culture Kings Fedora range is as extensive as any other, with options including the classic 1950s Fiddler style with a hard, curved brim at the front, or otherwise the classic Fedora with a flat brim encircling the hat. Vintage flat crown Fedoras are also lining the shelves, perfect for that 1940s old school cool look you'd find on sailers and soldiers alike. 

Key brands include a wide range from Brixton, including the famous Messer Fedora, as well as Vintage specialists Kangol, founded during WWII and mastering the art of modern headwear at the time, now classic looks refusing to be left to history. Cop your Fedora in a number of colourways from orange to grey, black and white, as well as various and unique styles you won't find anywhere else.

Culture Kings also stocks several other signature headwear ranges, including the K-Frame, A-Frame, 9Twenty Strapback, 110 Pinch Snapback and various 9Fifty iterations. Check those out as well if you're on the hunt for the perfect hat. New A-Frame Colourways and Silhouettes are releasing almost every week, so be sure to also check out the releases page to stay up to date on your next A-Frame hat. 

The Culture Kings collection has never been more diverse. We even stock party hats like visors, Fedoras, Beanies and Bucket Hats, so check those out for that upcoming festival or party gig, or otherwise cop a new Trucker Hat, Strapback or Snapback.

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