Seichi represents the bridge between streetwear and luxury, unifying street-born origins with a prestigious destination and artful state of mind. Knowing and understanding that the future is shaped from the past and moulded by the present – an axiom unavoidable in Seichi’s eyes – led to a firm belief that the world is what you make of it. Seichi, loosely translated as sacred ground or holy place, represents the path you’ve already walked and the road still to come.

Specialising in luxury footwear, Seichi offers an elevated level of comfort perfect for the street or home and also reaches into festival apparel, beachwear and high-end fashion. Easily paired with a spectrum of streetwear essentials, finalise the look with the latest sunnies, bags, joggers or button ups for a finished product to be proud of. Dress them down or up - depending on the occasion - whether it’s a pool party, day bar or weekend away. Check out the looks and bundles pages for outfit inspiration, as well as our releases page to stay up to date on the latest pairings and styles. 

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