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Women's Bandeaus

At Culture Kings, we stock an extensive collection of women's clothing, ranging from teesjeans and joggers to everything else in between. Bandeaus are exactly one of those. Perfect for stylising your look with a more feminine touch in summer or layered with a cardigan in the winter for that sophisticated A-List look, Bandeaus are a look built to be layered and a fashion statement for women everywhere.

Cop a new Bandeau from the like of New Slaves, prioritising unique and individual looks, colours and silhouettes for a fashionable look you won't find anywhere else. Bright colours like pink and blue can transform your look into a vibrant summer-day image, while blacks, greys and mono-chromatics offer that darkly aesthetic that goes hand-in-hand with power looks, especially when paired with some icey jewellery and a long-cut jacket

Once you've got the Bandeau sorted, build the look outward with the latest in fashion trends, starting with new leggings, sneakers or outwear, add further sophistication with stylish accessories and sunnies, certain to impress at the beach, the bar or the city. Afterpay is available on all orders as well as free shipping on orders over $100. 

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